• There is always someone behind every spot...
  • There is always someone behind every spot...
  • There is always someone behind every spot...

Masters in spotless floor maintenance

At Progenta we know better than anyone that your floor is the face of your organisation. But with intensive use your floor can show signs of wear and tear. As a specialist in spotless floor maintenance, we always keep your floor in perfect condition. 

With its specialist knowledge and over 25 years of experience, Progenta has collected a range of effective solutions for the most stubborn stains: we now have more solutions at our disposal than there are types of spots. Something that does justice to the concept of ‘masters of spotless floor maintentance’.


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Actueel: Progenta en Covid-19 uitbraak

Via deze banner link vind je alle informatie over Progenta in relatie tot de Covid-19 uitbraak. Verneem hoe wij onze dienstverlening veilig voort zetten, hoe wij kunnen helpen bij een veilige terugkeer naar de werkvloer en vind antwoord op andere veelgestelde vragen.

"Comforting thought is that making a terrible stain will bring bread to someone's table..."

- Arnout Roose -
Stain removal

Specialist stain removal

As an expert in the field of specialist stain removal, we at Progenta know how to handle the most stubborn stains on every type of floor.

Floor maintenance

Floor maintenance

Every floor requires a different approach. With our years of experience in spotless floor maintenance, we always keep your floor in perfect condition.



Our specialists can provide your floor with a special coating after cleaning or maintenance that extends the life of your floor.

Project Management & Control

Project Management & Control

You can also use our knowledge and expertise in project management and control at Progenta.

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Smart Care

Unique cleaning method with Encapsulation®

The innovative Smart Care Trio method uses 'Encapsulation': dirt is completely encapsulated using crystals. These dirty crystals dry up and can be easily removed during the regular cleaning shift. Without any sticky residue, and without unpleasant smells. 

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With a floor that is used intensively every day, general wear and tear cannot be prevented. However, it is possible to provide the floor with the right protection, making it look as good as new for as long as possible and to remain in good condition. At Progenta we do this with an innovative Aqua UV coating: after treatment with Aqua UV your floor is as good as new and can be walked on immediately after treatment! 

Benefits of Aqua UV

The Aqua UV coating is more durable and less prone to damages than traditional coatings based on polymers. In addition, the treatment takes less time compared with conventional methods. Other benefits of Aqua UV coating compared to other coatings are:

  • Limited inconvenience during treatment
  • Environmentally friendly products
  • Immediately dry and cured
  • Alcohol resistant
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